18-in-1 Professional Camera Cleaning Kit, for Most DSLR Cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony)

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18-in-1 Professional Camera Cleaning Kit, for Most DSLR Cameras with Air Blower, Lens Cleaning Pen, Detergent, Cleaning Cloth Etc.

About This item:

  • Effective Cleaning Kit: This kit effectively and safely removes debris from the camera’s lens. The lens gap and dust on the UV lens may be readily cleaned using the two-in-one lens brush, cleaning brush, and beauty brush. Bristle cleaning tool with big, medium, and tiny handles: The large and medium handle hard brushes are used to clean the spaces between gaps, such as the spaces between the computer keyboard. The mobile phone’s hole may be cleaned of dust using the little handle bristle brush. 18-in-1 Professional Camera Cleaning Kit
  • Lightweight and Convenient: All of the accessories are contained in a black storage box. Open the storage box when you need to use them, take what you need out of it, and close it again after usage. handy to carry and simple to utilize.
  • Widely Used: Our cleaning suit is particularly effective in removing oil, grime, and fingerprints from lenses, cameras, and other optical devices. Other electrical equipment including PCs, laptops, keyboards, smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, USB ports, shavers, smart watches, etc. may also be cleaned with it.

Item Includes:

  • wet and dry bag*5, flat cloth cleaning stick*5, tapered cleaning stick*5
  • 16mm cleaning stick*4, 24mm cleaning stick *4, cleaning fluid*1
  • rocket blower*1, 2-in-1 lens cleaner*1, hair brush*1
  • round cleaning stick*5, cotton swab*5, gloves*1, cleaning brush*5
  • beauty brush*1, cleaning cloth*5, lens paper*20
  • large Small and medium handle bristle cleaning brush*3, storage box*1, instruction manual*1

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